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Me: A Rewrite

(1 customer review)


From Vanity Insanity to Self-Acceptance (Sort Of.)

Consistently bold, shocking, and hilarious. Readers looking for a laugh won’t be disappointed.” — Kirkus Reviews

Anna Jorgensen does what many of us have dreamed of doing: she escapes her life. In an entertaining collection of vignettes, this beige-on-beige, buttoned-up, uptight top realtor of twenty years ditches small town Canada and heads for big city Pacific Northwest to live a secret life as herself—unrestricted and unfiltered. She finds herself in several new roles: a coming undone blogger, screenwriter, and writer extraordinaire.

In this 2 year snippet of Anna’s life as Elaine, she comes face-to-lasered-face with her fear of change in life, love, and looks—her aging face, furrowing brow, sagging butt—all with an elevated (if confused) spirit. Searching for self-acceptance and authenticity, Elaine adopts a Yes! Girl attitude and meets studs, duds, and dudes—some handsome, some desperate, but no keepers.

Anna considers such questions as: Should she try botox? Is there such a thing as “the one”? Can men and (pretty) women really be friends? Will she have the courage to switch from Gucci to Goodwill in order to give up her bitter broker bitchiness and pursue creativity and … well, anything else?

The self-interrogation doesn’t end there and comes detailed in vivid scenes, often accompanied by politically incorrect ramblings and whatever character she’s taken along for the ride. And soon you’ll want to join her, and laugh with her, at her, and to yourself.

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1 review for Me: A Rewrite

  1. Bill

    Okay, second try. I said in a previous review that I tried to buy your book, but the process stopped at “checkout”, and that I will try again tomorrow. I submitted that review then the review page came back with an empty review box. So, perhaps the review page needs some work too?

    • Anna Jorgensen

      Working on this! Thanks for letting me know! In the meantime, check your email. 🙂 AJ

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