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Ready to settle down without settling?

How to attract the man of your dreams, even if you feel like all the good ones are taken. Hint: They're not and... 

Yes, you can do most of this program while in isolation!!

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I'm going to try not to make this pitch too pitchy...

No one likes being "sold" stuff!

If You...

  • Attract "losers" and scare away amazingly great guys ...
  • Always seem to find the guys who "ghost" you or string you along ...
  • Are exhausted going on lousy dates ...
  • Believe there simply aren't any good single guys left ...
  • Feel frustrated, helpless or hopeless and ready to give up on dating ...
  • Are ready to settle down without settling...

And! You want to...

  • Come home to someone who makes you feel safe, honored and cherished ...
  • Have that special man who really cares for and supports you ...
  • Feel happy, loved, accepted, understood and madly attracted ...
  • Stop crawling into a cold, lonely bed solo ...
  • And find Mr. Right For You ...

Then you're ready for my WakeUP2LUV - Get A Boyfriend Program!

  • Do you want to be in a committed, loving relationship with the man of your dreams?
  • Do you want to understand what men really find irresistible. (Hint: It ain’t a perfect body or Maxim cover looks!)?
  • Do you want a step-by-step action plan to become the kind of woman high quality men find super sexy while still being you?

If you answered "YES" to any of these questions...

...then you’re ready for my online WakeUP2Luv - Get A Boyfriend study-in-your-PJs program!

I used to offer one-on-one private coaching sessions for this exact WakeUP2Luv GET A BF program for $2,997 USD, but I wanted all women to be able to afford this priceless information so ...

I created a condensed video program so you can learn the exact same valuable info and get a bunch of bonuses and get free AJ support all on your own schedule for only...

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Ladies, are you...

Confused or frustrated by men? Super confident, but maybe a little intimidating? Think there aren't any good ones left?

You’re not alone! These days, with the whole on to the next "bigger better deal" attitude, trying to find a decent commitment-ready man can seem totally impossible. But there's hope!



Ever asked yourself…

  • Where can I find the right guy?
  • How can I be confident without seeming aggressive?
  • How can I intrigue and attract the right man?
  • How can I avoid commitment-phobe men who disappear?

The key to finding, attracting and keeping your right guy isn’t simply about knowledge—it’s about using that knowledge and taking action that works to achieve your love goals.

You can avoid losers, bad boys and the frustration of noncommittal guys and find your Mr. Right, a guy you're super attracted to and who’ll make you feel safe, protected and deeply loved.

I've studied the psychology of men and women and relationships for over 20 years under the masters of relationship coaching and through my own personal practice. (And failed practice relationships!)

WakeUP2Luv - Get A Boyfriend can help you re-write your love life so you have the skills to find, attract and keep lasting love with the kind of guy you want to wake up in love with every day. Are you ready?

Why You Can Trust Anna Jorgensen?


Anna Jorgensen is the author of the memoir, Me: A Rewrite. From Vanity Insanity to Self-Acceptance (Sort of.) (Kirkus Reviews calls it “Bold, shocking and hilarious!”)

As a child, Anna was sheltered and abused (see memoir) and as a result became a shy, insecure misfit with self-esteem so low you could step on it. In her teenage and young adult years, she was rejected a lot.

So, for the next few years, she studied what men want. Obsessively.

She learned what the heart of a man needs and got good at "getting" guys. She never got rejected or dumped again.

Eventually, Anna landed a decent man who "put a ring on it" and married her. Sadly, several years later, divorce followed.

After a few more "practice" relationships, she tested her new skills by going for and “getting” the king of bad boys, Steve Santagati, a NYT best-selling author of The MANual. How Men Think, Date and Mate and How You Can Come Out on Top, and inspiration for the movie, The Ugly Truth, starring Gerard Butler! (AJ note: Trust me, this ain’t bragging rights!)

Anna learned that getting the bad boy isn’t necessarily the prize she thought it (he) would be. And the common denominator in all these unsatisfying and unsuccessful relationships was ... Anna!

She went back to study, this time obsessed with "self-development" and finally figured out how to get over shyness, insecurity, low self-esteem and how to "fix her picker" and stop picking "fixer-uppers." Anna discover what true love is and how to “get” it. 

Now, Anna coaches men and women on how to get past fear, uncertainty and self-sabotage to become their most attractive, sexy self so they can find, attract and keep lasting love.

WakeUP2Luv - Get A Boyfriend will help you “get” worthy men by understanding what men need and how these needs actually complement a women’s needs while discovering and developing your best sexy self!



WakeUP2Luv - Get A Boyfriend

Hey, Beautiful You (yes, you!),

After years of studying men and women, I've discovered something … Most women don’t know where to go for love advice, so they often mention their love woes to their single gal friends. But here’s the thing—your single gal friends are, um … single! And, you know damn well, they’re also a little bias—as in they’re on your side so “you’re never wrong.” Right?

Women simply can’t tell you what men want or what men are thinking. Reality land, gals: Men think way differently than we do. Duh, right?

If you want to find, attract, and keep your special Knight In Shining Armour—the kind of good man who’ll want to hang on to you tight and treat you right—then you gotta understand what men truly want and you gotta be able to deliver on that. And no, it ain’t all about sex!

So far, what you think you know about men and what men are really about doesn’t match up. How do I know this? You’re single. You’re here. (And … you’re normal!)

But … Good news! If you want to get unstuck and unsingle, there’s hope. When you learn what men really want and you’re the one Goddess able to give it to him, you’ll be miles ahead of all those gals that haven’t got a clue. And then your life will change big time.

You'll know how to be the kind of gal that your perfect-for-you guy totally desires, while still be totally true to yourself. And! You’ll have the confidence and knowledge to go out in the world, find him and win his heart. And guess what? Once you learn how to do this, you’ll always know how to keep that special guy.

So, if you want to find that one special man that you can seriously see spending the rest of your days—and hot, steamy nights—with, then you’re going to want to learn a few things.

Because nothing changes if you don’t.

That's what WakeUP2Luv - Get A Boyfriend is about — getting inside the hearts and minds of what men value. This exclusive program is the culmination of over 20 years of research and personal practice. It’s a simple, easy-to-learn format of follow-along videos with step-by-step actionable homework so you can become the woman of his dreams and win his loyal heart, while still being your unique self.

And the bonus is that you’ll finally understand why men do all those seemingly frustrating, confusing things men do!



Yes, I Want to Become My Best Self - The Woman My Mr. Right Cherishes!

WakeUP2Luv - Get A Boyfriend will help you...


The process to discover what you really want in a man—it’s not what you think!


What a man needs in the woman he wants to settle down with and why


The kind of woman that is super sexy to the man you want while still being you

Take Action

To make the changes needed so you can meet and attract the high-value man you want

In WakeUP2Luv - Get A Boyfriend You'll Learn:

  • The 5 specific must-have qualities you need to find the man you really want, and why not knowing or not having these 5 things will keep you from attracting lasting love.
  • What you need to change to become attractive to the kind of man you want while still being the real you.
  • What men innately find unattractive in women and how you can avoid being that gal while boosting your own confidence and happiness.
  • The TWO WORDS that describe what men NEED to commit to you. Most women don't know what this is! When you provide "these" for him, you'll naturally activate his commitment to you.
  • The major differences between men and women, which explains why you think men sometimes disappear or "check out."
  • Why men hesitate for so long or even disappear and what you can do to get him to chase you forever.
  • How to build confidence in "these" areas of your life and why doing so is critical for him to respect and desire you.
  • How to change belief systems that suck and hold you back from love, no matter what shitty things have happened to you in life.
  • The simple, step-by-step actions that you can take today to become the woman of his dreams.
  • And Much More...



Plus! With Your Purchase You Will Receive This BONUS!

Cheat Sheet 1: How to "do" affirmations that actually work, that don't suck and that actually improve your attractiveness to men! ($27 USD Value)

Cheat Sheet 2: Top 100 properly worded new belief statements that will change your life starting immediately! ($27 USD Value)

Note: WakeUP2Luv - Get A Boyfriend isn't all about affirmations! Heck no. But, you will learn how to talk to yourself plus you'll learn how to move your body in a way that helps you naturally become more attractive to men! 

These handy 10 point cheat sheets give you quick reminders of how to stay in Goddess Mode. When you purchase the WakeUP2Luv - Get A Boyfriend program, you get access to download this exclusive PDF file that you can keep handy for reference!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Really? Yes! This program can change your life if you follow the steps and do the work. So there’s no excuses and there’s no risk! You’re welcome ;)

I stand by my program, because these are the exact steps I took to get every guy I've gone for — I’m living proof this program works!

When you invest in yourself with this program, you have up to 60 days to go through the entire program — yep, two whole months — and if you’re not 100% heart-you-Anna satisfied, write me (within 60 days of purchase) and ask for your money back. We’ll remove you from the membership site and give you a complete refund. Simple. 

Why would I do this? Because I believe this information will help you break through old patterns and beliefs that have held you back from love for far too long. I want you to fix your shit and find love, because I believe that love is the answer!

The answer to what? To happiness, joy, life. When there are more happy, joyful, life-living folks, it makes the world a better place. So, take action on this risk-free program now.

Just ask yourself what your life will look like in a year, five years—10!—if you don’t do anything different. Hint: It’s gonna look the same. Sad and lonely and you being older. OK, now what would it be like if you had the man of your dreams? Better, right? You deserve to find love and be happy.

WakeUP2Luv - Get A Boyfriend can work for any woman no matter your age, race, religion, appearance, finances or relationship history. WakeUP2Luv - Get a Boyfriend focuses on understanding the natural differences between men and women’s needs and how to connect with men effectively. And guess what? When you understand men, they become way less frustrating.

Or… you could chicken out. Hey, I’m just telling it like it is—that’s why you like my teachings, right? I’m straight-up honest. So, what if you don’t invest in yourself and WakeUP2Luv?

There’s a saying I got in one of the many self-help courses I’ve taken, “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.”

At this point, you’ve gotten used to being lonely and single, either because you can’t seem to get the right guy or you keep getting the wrong guys. Or maybe you just keep going on one bad date after another. Girl friend, that sucks.

So, are you ready to change your fate?

Remember, these insights will serve you forever — yes, even after you get the guy — because you’ll know what he needs so that you can keep the guy, and inspire him to keep treating you right.

Benefits of WakeUP2Luv - Get A Boyfriend

When you fully commit to the program you get:

  • More true confidence with men, because you'll understand why men do what they do and you'll understand what they need and how to give it to them, while still being you.
  • More life satisfaction, because you'll become the kind of woman your right man desires and respects, and even better, your self-respect will skyrocket. #Goddess
  • More real world results, because you'll know exactly what you need to do - and you'll do it!

Here's how the WakeUP2Luv - Get A Boyfriend Program Works...

When you register for WakeUP2Luv - Get A Boyfriend you get instant access to the entire online program, which includes video modules for the lessons and homework assignments — becoming a master requires more than learning, it also requires practice! Immediately after signing up you’ll get an email with your private login instructions to access the entire WakeUP2Luv course. Bam! You’re in.

The WakeUP2Luv - Get A Boyfriend Program Includes:

An Introduction Video Plus 4 Video Lesson Modules and 4 Video Homework Modules.

When you sign up, you get immediate access to the private members area, where you can view the videos at your own pace and as often as you like. I recommend you give yourself a week between lessons so you can complete and integrate the homework. You’re access privileges expire after five years, or, of course, if you request a refund.

A WakeUP2Luv - Get A Boyfriend Program & Homework Transcripts!

Includes the entire WakeUP2Luv program "written transcript & mp3 audio" transcripts for reference, reinforcement and / or if you learn better by reading the printable companion book for the writing exercises. Yes, homework!



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Rock the 1st Date and Leave Him Wanting More. 

Yep, you read that right.

These eBooks will help you win in the real world even if dating sites aren't your thing!

So, Are you ready to settle down without settling?

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What others are saying about WakeUP2Luv

I am super impressed. I have definitely learned new things especially the 'about men' what they care about and how to attract them.

Denise K

I love it! I enjoyed how easy it was to listen to the audio. You had me engaged and committed throughout. I like the wholeness of the program i.e. focusing on the whole person, almost like life coaching... so really glad to see it in your program.


The program is really good! I've learned a lot about why my relationships have not been working out. In addition to learning more about myself, it was great that you spelled out what men want in a relationship…

Cathy S.

I definitely feel something shifted inside me, I feel greater confidence and I can see and feel that I am attracting more attention from the opposite sex.


You gave me some good advice years ago that helped with my perspective on dating. Since then I've had healthier relationships and am now getting engaged to be married in December. Just wanted to say thanks.

Steve F.

The program is really good! I've learned a lot about why my relationships have not been working out. In addition to learning more about myself, it was great that you spelled out what men want in a relationship…

Cathy S.

So, Are you ready to settle down without settling?

Sign up today!

One time Payment of $397 USD $97 USD! For a limited time!

Bank cards are accepted.

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Gift Vouchers are nonrefundable & nontransferable.

Refund Policy: After 60 days — up to 12 months from the date of purchase — you bet! After that, nope, sorry. Accountability gives you a better chance of doing your homework — which gets you closer to love. If you don't find the course useful, email me within 60 days of purchase and we’ll give you a refund. Easy-peasey. 

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