Men's Programs

Instant Confidence Formula - The "Coffeeshop Approach"
(It works!)

In less than 10 seconds, overcome fear of rejection and crippling anxiety and have the bold confidence to talk to any woman, anywhere.

A simple, effective technique that works for even super shy guys and introverts.


Double Your Online Dating Training

Whether you're really shy or really introverted, the easiest and most efficient place to meet women is online.

After all, women are online to meet men, including men like you!

Double Your Online Dating Training gives you the best tips on how to attract the right girl on a dating site!

Most importantly, it shows you how 99% of guys are screwing up before they (you?) even have a chance!

Stand out in a good way - get the girl of your dreams online!


Get a Girlfriend - WakeUp2Luv

If you want to be the most attractive man to your dream girl, then this program is for you. 

This is a comprehensive course and takes most guys 5-6 weeks to complete it. But they get better dates and often get a girlfriend within months of completing the course!

You'll have the advantage of knowing what your dream girl wants, develop sexy confidence so you'll be able to comfortably and casually start conversations with that kind of girl, get phone numbers and dates, and become ultra selective.

With the Get a Girlfriend step-by-step plan you'll become that elusive guy your dream girl is longing for.

With this in-depth online course you will have the skills and tools to find, attract and keep the woman of your dreams!

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